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This is our List of Honour and Dishonour listing all positive or negative donations and donors to the project. In case you prefer not to be listed on this page after having donated either in one or another way, please inform us by submitting feedback. Scammers can object also to being listed and ask for removal but they should first come to an agreement with me.

The credits page is also an accountability for funding received and for funding spent.

Should you wish to donate materially or financially, please visit the home page for more information.

When this page unexpectedly shows no donors than take your chance to be the first, though you will never know if someone was before you but did not want to be listed......

Donors of Advise

So far: none

Donors of Equipment

So far: none

Donors of Skills

So far: none

Donors of Finances

So far: None


n this section of the Credits & Contempts page people or institutions will be listed who contributed in a negative way to the project.

living in Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW), Germany, using the eBay username n.n., who initially scammed me in an eBay transaction where I won a BOC Edwards XDS10 vacuum pump (image 1), which was paid for but never was shipped. The amount of money involved was not very high for such a fine pump and that could be a reason why n.n. possibly was dissatisfied with the transaction. After two months my payment was returned and therefore no names are mentioned here.

Edwards xds10
Image 1: BOC Edwards XDS10 vacuum pump

index theory reactor vacuum HV deuterium monitors

exp Ion Source
engineering works
control systems

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